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Bus services to and from Warrandyte High School


Panorama Coaches 9438 3666

Research Road

Route 579 - Download Map

Departs Eltham Station 8.15am (Express) 8.20am (not express) arrives Warrandyte High School 8.45am and 8.50am. Departs school 3.30pm (express) 3.35pm (not express)


Kangaroo Ground Road

Route 578 - Download Map

Departs Eltham Station at 8.20am and Eltham College 8.25am arrives Warrandyte High School 8.46am. Departs school 3.35pm.


National Bus Company 9488 2100

Box Hill - Warrandyte High School. Arrives 8.40am

Route 286 - Download Map


City - Warrandyte via Shopping Town. Arrives 8.38am

Route 305 - Download Map


Warrandyte - Ringwood. Arrives 8.43am

Route 364 - Download Map Download Timetable


Warrandyte - City (Smart Bus)

Route 906 - Download Map


Invicta 8710 6373

Chirnside Park via Chirnside Village

Route 672 - Download Map

Departs Chirnside Park at 7.57am to connect with Bus 12 at Wonga Park


North Croydon - Warrandyte High School

Route 736 - Download Map

Departs North Croydon at 7.50 am arrives Warrandyte High School 8.30am. Departs school 3.30pm


Warranwood & Wonga Road

Departs General Store Warranwood and Wonga Road at 8.10am travels via Plymouth, Yarra arrives Homestead Rd 8.20am. Continues to Jumping Creek Rd arrives Wonga Park store at 8.25am, bus arrives high school at 8.45am. Departs high school at 3.30pm


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