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Governance at Warrandyte High School

Strategic Plans

The current Strategic Plan (2017-2020) was developed in 2016. Warrandyte High School’s key goals are:


Improve individual student learning outcomes through a differentiated curriculum which stimulates and challenges all students

Build teacher capacity to differentiate teaching to ensure challenge and progress for every student.

Embed a culture of curriculum planning, and assess the impact of learning programs adjusting them to suit individual needs.


Enhance the wellbeing of all students in the school

Employ a whole school approach to wellbeing to ensure a safe and secure learning environment


Improve student engagement and motivation to learn

Develop and activate high expectations and aspirations of students, staff and families.


Student Learning Outcomes

To improve the learning outcomes of all students, in particular, the learning needs of high achieving students in all areas of the curriculum.

Full Strategic Plan targets and key improvement strategies Download


Each year the school prepares an Annual Report which is posted on the internet in early April.
Please click on a report to download a pdf.

Annual Reports

2018 Annual Report Download

2017 Annual Report Download


School Council

Principal: Stephen Parkin
President: Andrew Watt
Vice President: Margaret Kelly
Treasurer: Ben Dodds


Parent members:

Paul McNamara
Gary Foster
Margaret Kelly


DET members:

Shirley Geraghty
Joe Caruana
Claire Bloom
Leigh Thomson


Co-opted members:

Skye Gedye

Nicholas Dodds




























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